Emergency Situations

In the case of an emergency or weather event, the school district will keep the community informed through a variety of methods. It is important for families to keep their contact information up-to-date in Skyward FamilyAccess.

Depending on the situation, the district will use one or more of the following communication tools to communicate weather-related events or a school emergency:

Social Media

One of the fastest means of getting information to our students, families and community is through social media. We share school schedule changes, as well as emergency information, on the school district's FacebookOpening in a new windowing in a new window page.


District Website

In the event of a change in school schedule due to inclement weather or an emergency, a red alert message will appear at the top of the district and school websites when families or the community first open the sites. Additionally, information about the situation may be posted in "News" bottom of the district website Home page.

Automated Phone Calling System

The district uses an automated phone calling system, called SchoolMessenger Connect, to send RoboCalls to families to quickly notify them of emergencies or weather-related events. Families may identify which numbers they want called in Skyward FamilyAccess.

Text Messages

Families also have the option to receive text message notifications in the event of an emergency or inclement weather school schedule change. To sign up to receive text messages, visit Skyward FamilyAccess.

Email Notification

In the event of an emergency or school schedule change, the district will email families the information. Depending on the severity or time-sensitive nature of the situation, the district may also call or text the numbers families have on file in Skyward FamilyAccess.

Radio and Television stations

Radio Stations and some TV news stations will have information available including:

  • KMAS 1030 AM
  • KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

  • KOMO Radio 1000 AM or 97.7 FM

  • KOMO TV Channel 4

  • KING TV Channel 5 or KONG TV Channel 6

  • KIRO TV Channel 7


Two-hour Late Start

Buses and schools are two hours late. When there is a two hour delay there will be No Jump Start Program, No preschool or early learning program, No out-of-District transportation and breakfast will not be served.  Lunch is served throughout the district. Other program-specific information is shared in district communication about the event, including whether buses will run on emergency routes.

Emergency Routes

The district will make every effort to operate normally, despite the weather. On rare occasions, however, weather conditions may make it necessary to modify bus routes. When that occurs the school and district offices will send out alerts via Schoolmessenger, the website, Facebook, Twitter, text, and email as soon as possible.  The modified routes will be posted under For Parents---->Transportation Information and Bus Routes on the district website.

At other times, weather conditions may require schools to close early. In that event, the normal busing sequence will be followed. Please instruct your child what to do should there be an early school closure when you are not home during the regular school day. Parents are also asked to remind students to be especially careful when walking or waiting for a bus during bad weather.

School Cancellation

Schools closed. Specific information about the status of after-school/evening activities will be shared in district communication about the event.

Please understand there are many factors when deciding to close or delay school. We exercise caution and overall safety for all 700 plus district students when determining if school should be canceled or delayed. The  square miles covered by our district are very diverse geographically, and what one family experiences can be very different from what another family is experiencing on the other side of the district. Staff drive the streets in the early hours of the morning to determine the safety of all routes.